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Hey... all... you... kiddies...

Ya... man, i really have to get myself into shape. This page hasn't been updated in ages! There are a ton of things that can be attributed to that... One is my college course. It's a Network Support Technician course, and it seems that for the time being, getting my MCSE is more important than playing games. I do still play my NGPC. Ya, i did buy one. Finally. Right now, i have PacMan ( good game ), Bust a Move Pocket ( very good game ), Pocket Tennis Colour ( REALLY good game ), and Neo Turf Golf ( REALLY VERY good game! ). I had planned on actually adding a button on the top there, that said "Reviews". Actually, i have that button somewhere. However, ... I don't know if i can handle this site. It is entirely my fault. I have been away from the page for so long, that there have been so many NGPC releases, it's hard to keep up. In fact... it's near impossible. I really need someone to help me with this page. There, i said it. I, James, cannot do this alone. Or, I know you guys visit the page. Thanks to my NedStat button down on the bottom. You guys visit a lot. Why don't you give me some encouragment. Tell me how much you want this page updated. That's it, i'm starting a Boycott School! Boycott Work! And, you guys have to help me. I would really like someone to help to. To be my little gopher. Please??

Oh, ya. SnK's usa site sucks less, since it was updated, so the download have been taken off. I _knew_ I should have saved them...

However, I, James, will attempt to entertain all you guys.

New, just in: Message Forums. Psst, it's very hush hush :) What we also have for you right now, are movies for your viewing pleasure (RealAudio and AVI's!) in the Downloads section, and links... around here somewhere... ahh, here they are!!

If you have come to download NeoGeo Pocket Color Roms, you have definitly come to the wrong place. Try here.

For further information about me, email me or find me on EFNet as _Ministry, usually on the channel #GBRoms.
You can also sign my guestbook.. that would be most appreciative.

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21 December, 1999
  • Author of the page shamelessly returns, makes a speach, and requests help.

11 September, 1999
  • A great fellow named Sung Kim send me an email. Isn't it about time You did?
  • Small small update today, nothing that new...

09 September, 1999
  • Honest to god, tripod wouldn't let me update. I couldn't get into ftp.
  • Initial plan for redesign set, will be extensively redesigning page.

08 September, 1999
  • Small small update.
  • I may put up writeups for games in the preview section. Come on, submit your own writeups!

07 September, 1999
  • Heh, finally updated... long time?
  • Added some more previews.
  • Did you see the Message Boards yet?

01 September, 1999
  • Tripod Servers totally screwed up my page.
  • The previews section was lost, ( and then recovered ), as the FreeForm editor screwed up.
  • As well, the news section has been restarted.

Ouch... Tripod screwed up my code, but i have for you, the previews, back up, in a record time of 20 minutes after lots of html code was scrambled, and i had to recover. Isn't it time YOU backed up your website?


Sorry, man.. had to take the roms off. I've decided that i want to financially support SNK as much as i can, and providing emulation is not the answer.
Dudes, the downloads are gone!


Wee!!! We have for you a whole slew of links, and they just keep on coming. Well.. not really... i've had to find this links myself. But, if you want to add your Neo Geo Pocket Color-related site, just E-mail me.


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