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Welcome to my Neo Geo Pocket Color review site. It is more of a daily diary of my NGPC readings, experiences, and newfound knowledge of a great handheld system.

Within this site, you will find pictures, news, previews and links to Neo Geo Pocket Color information, and as soon as I purchase the system for myself, you will find reviews as well, as I buy and play the games.

And, for the collector, you can find some NGPC roms, though i do not know what you would do with them...

For further information about me, email me or find me on EFNet on the channel #GBRoms as _Ministry.


26 August, 1999
  NGPC roms found, and posted.
  Most of the site has been updated.

25 August, 1999
  β version of this page concieved.
  Images found from the Neo Geo Pocket Color Japanese Web Site.


I'm sure you guys want to download the NGPC roms... well, here ya go!

  • 001 Eurasia - Shogi Color - SNK - 4MBit - Jap - Download
  • 002 Eurasia - NG World Cup 98 - SNK - 8MBit - Jap - Download
  • 003 Menace - King of Fighters R2 - SNK - 16MBit - Jap - Download
  • 004 Menace - Metal Slug 1st Mission - SNK - 16MBit - Jap - Download
  • 005 Menace - Puzzle Bobble Mini - Taito - 8MBit - Jap - Download
  • 006 Eurasia - Samuria Showdown 2 - SNK - 16MBit - Jap - Download

What?? You want links? Well, there aren't many, but here goes:


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