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Today is a quiet day for my NGPC Diary. There is a updated site with previews and reviews, but it is currently offline. I'll put it up if someone e-mails me, and begs for it. Therefore, at the moment, we got nothing yet. This page is utter chaos.

However, I, James, will attempt to entertain all you guys.

What we do have for you right now, are movies for your viewing pleasure in the Downloads section. There are also links around here somewhere... ahh, here they are!!

If you have come to download NeoGeo Pocket Color Roms, you have definitly come to the wrong place. Try here.

For further information about me, email me or find me on EFNet on the channel #GBRoms as _Ministry.
You can also sign my guestbook.. that would be most appreciative.

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29 August, 1999
  Added a link, but it got lost. :(
  Minor Updates, New Format Offline

27 August, 1999
  Deleted NGPC roms.
  Linked to SNK-Usa's NGPC Movies

26 August, 1999
  NGPC roms found, and posted.
  Most of the site has been updated.

25 August, 1999
  β version of this page concieved.
  Images found from the Neo Geo Pocket Color Japanese Web Site.


Sorry, man.. had to take the roms off. I've decided that i want to financially support SNK as much as i can, and providing emulation is not the anwswer.
Therefore, for your viewing pleasure, are movies of games, in Real Audio format.


What?? You want links? Well, there aren't many, but here goes:


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